A bit like a VLE. Sharing work, giving feedback etc.


Chemistry App

The app’s name is GCSE, It is a chemistry app.

It has 10 questions that can be either ones that you work out then reveal the answer, or you have to pick an answer of the ones given. you can stop the test at any time and at the end of the test, it tells you how many marks you got out of the ones you could give an answer for.

Reading blogs

Someone asked me how to keep track on all the blogs that need to be followed.

Two candidate apps.

Flipboard – Looks nice but fiddly .

Feedly – Simple and clean.

Feedly wins hands down. Now just need more time to read the blogs.

Ipod apps – 2

App title is GCSE revision (shortened to GCSE rev when on select screen.)

Price is free (It is a demo but full version is £1.99.)

It gives you 10 questions on 7 topics (Biology, DT, Geography, History, Maths, Physics and Psychology.) Very useful, easy to use and covers a wide variety of topics.

Ipod Apps

This app is called GCSE maths. It has 5 subjects, measures and money, shape,space and measure, algebra, handling data and number.

The subject has 4 – 14 topics.

This app is free, which is a good deal considering how much it gives you. It is quite good for revision when with a partner/ helper. It works well like this because you can, for example, use it to work out the answers then show them and mark it. It is easy to use and I enjoyed using it.

App Review – Learn Invisible (French Course)


This is my first app review for this weeks trial for “Apps For Learning”.

App Title: Learn Invisible (French Course)

Price: Free (But with in app purchases)

Platform (All apple devices using IOS 5 Min)

Recommended subject: French (Other languages are available)


This app provides a fun way to learn French (Or any other languages) Using pre-recordings and images it provides a clear, easy to use, user interface. The user can select either to learn the words or take a short quiz. The app is broken down into different categories e.g… Home, Friends, Useful phrases and food. This app would be a great support to the Language Department as it would encourage the learning of a language through a fun app. The fact that you are using technology would encourage it more.